Lil Mini Halloween Plush Dog Toy with Heart Fortune by fuglyfriend at Etsy

NAME: Frankentween
HOBBY: Doing science experiments
STYLE: Lil Mini plush Fugly with secret heart fortune and squeaker
BODY MEASUREMENT: 3.5″ tall and 2.5″ wide

This Fugly is handcrafted from dense upholstery fabric and lined with a layer of fleece. It is sewn together with a triple stitched seam. Because no fabric is 100% indestructible to some pups, hidden in each toy is a plush heart that has a secret fortune on the outside and a KONG squeaker on the inside! That way, if your pup does gnaw their Fugly open somewhere down the road, there is a quirky message inside for you to read 🙂

Fugly Friends enjoys spreading smiles while also giving back to the community. Our hope is to bring that ugliness, sturdiness and the entertainment value to furballs around the world who can toss, swing, stretch, smash and chase at their own pace. A portion of each Fugly sale is donated to an animal rescue shelter across the states.