Saturday Bonus – Thanksgiving Leftovers Cookies

Thanksgiving Leftover Cookies - Part II | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Yesterday I revisited the 2013 version of my semi-famous everything but the kitchen sink Thanksgiving Leftovers Cookies recipe. Sure I’m going back in time attempting to clean up a bunch of muck-ups that took place when I switched Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck to its own domain, but I’m also thinking ahead to the future. After 2014’s Thanksgiving Leftovers Cookies – Part II, I feel as if I have started a tradition.

It doesn’t take much for a tradition to start around this house. In fact, we have a whole lot of them popping up in our schedule over the next few weeks. Thanksgiving morning, we will head to the Virginia Run Turkey Trot, to hopefully walk off a few pounds that we will most likely pack back on later that day. B.O.B. Bob and I will even don our turkey hats for the special occasion. The day after Thanksgiving, we will switch the turkey hats out for our even more anticipated Christmas hats, before heading over to Reston Town Center to enjoy their annual Tree Lighting & Sing Along. Traditions are fun, and in our house, they usually seem to come with funky hats.

Hats and cookies, not a bad combination. With that said, I’ll be working on Thanksgiving Leftovers Cookies – Part III over the weekend. Maybe I’ll even put on my gnome hat for the traditional pre-holiday “use whatever possible ingredients I can possibly think of” baking event. You never know what will happen around here. In the meantime, you can follow the links below, which will lead you to previous versions of Thanksgiving Leftovers Cookies. I hope you’ll break out your funkiest hat, grab a spatula, and bake along with me.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Cookies

Thanksgiving Leftovers Cookies – Part II

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