Attack Cat’s Zombie Catnip Plush Toy by misohandmade at Etsy

Perfect for cats that love to bite and claw, this is a handmade Creepy Zombie toy!

Each is handmade of a super durable olive green wool blend felt that is appliqued, embroidered and crazy sewn to produce a scrappy looking voodoo doll complete with a red heart, this little doll is ready to be chewed!

This toy is filled with Certified Organic Catnip- We put 1/4 a cup of catnip in each and then add a touch of fiber fill for a little extra poof.

Each catnip filled is approximately 4 1/2 inches high, 3 1/2 inches at the widest point and is about an inch thick. We make our cat toys in the San Francisco Bay Area out of the finest wool blend felt. We choose to use a gorgeous American merino wool blend felt because it’s softer and also sturdier than the cheap eco felt or craft felt from China.

Every zombie comes packaged in an Earth First EcoBag a compostable plant fiber cellophane sleeve so that the catnip will stay super fresh.

Please remember that these are all handmade so there will be variations between each toy. No two are ever the same and that’s what makes these so great! Yours will be super cute but will be slightly different than the one in the photo.