Watching the Snow Fall

Watching the Snow Fall

Here we are again, stuck watching the snow come down yet another time.  It seems cruel after the beautiful wave of spring-like temperatures we experienced over this last weekend.  Poor Brenna has not been feeling well as of late.  I can’t find anything specific that’s wrong with her, besides the fact that she has pretty much refused to eat anything for the past three days.  She’ll take a nibble here and there, but not much else.  Thankfully, she ate almost all of her food this morning, so I’m praying she’s on the mend.  Brenna got to put on her new St. Patrick’s Day Collar from Pugs2Persians yesterday, so maybe that’s why she’s in a better mood.  I decided to spoil her with this collar and purchase both the little green jingle bell and the shamrock charm.  The owner of Pugs2Persians, sent the sweetest little note along with the collar, thanking us for our purchase and hoping that we would love it.  Well guess what?  We love it, and are already looking forward to ordering this Polka Dot True Blue collar for summertime.

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