Valentine’s Wedding Weekend

Irish Blessing Wedding Card | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Every couple of years B.O.B. Bob and I are bombarded with wedding and birth announcements, that seem to come out of nowhere. Do we still have friends that aren’t married? Aren’t most of our friends getting too old to become parents? Well, I guess the answer to both of those questions is a resounding no this year. It seems that 2014 is going to include several life-changing event celebrations with our friends, family, and loved ones. This means that I am on homemade card and meaningful gift duty, while B.O.B. Bob gets to be blissfully ignorant of any gift responsibilities. He’s the “Just show me where to sign” type.

Irish Blessing Wedding Card | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Wedding Card Inside

Wedding cards are by far the easiest for me. There are so many great quotes, song lyrics, poems, and love-filled stories to find online. Which means that I can find the perfect words to share with the bride and groom, without actually having to create them myself. I’m not good with sentimental, I’m much better with funny and sarcastic. Knowing and admitting this has taken me many years. I’ve learned that taking help from other people and/or sources is not a bad thing. The Irish Blessing pictured above said everything I wanted to and more, but that I just couldn’t seem to find my own unique words for. And just in case you’re wondering what I think the perfect wedding gift is, this is it. Along with a nice check for the bride and groom to do with as they please. (My vote is for them to use it on a romantic trip to somewhere exotic and warm!)

Irish Blessing Wedding Card | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Wedding Card Backside

This Valentine’s weekend, we were thrilled to celebrate the marriage of one of my high school friends in Williamsburg, VA, to a woman who so obviously brings much love and joy into his life. It’s always nice to look at a couple being wed, and not secretly be betting on how long it will last. (Yes, we have attended many of those types of weddings!) This weekend’s enchanting wedding included bagpipes, tartan, highland floral arrangements, and lots of men in kilts. What’s not to love about that? B.O.B. Bob was just absolutely thrilled to be relieved of the duty of buying me flowers and making arrangements for a special Valentine’s dinner. Like most men, he dreads Valentine’s Day and all that it entails.
Besides an absolutely fun-filled wedding there were so many other highlights to this weekend, starting off with some delightful spring-like weather on Friday when we arrived here. Shortly after arriving, we enjoyed the most delicious rehearsal dinner at Sal’s by Victor, which included the most mouth-watering tortelloni stuffed with Italian cheeses and served in a creamy Alfredo Sauce. I have a feeling I’ll be dreaming of that pasta dish for the next couple of weeks at least. I can’t wait to return sometime in the near future and order a huge platter of it…yes I said platter, a plate is not big enough!
Although we woke up to a dreary and rainy winter morning again on Saturday, we didn’t let that stop of us from exploring the town a bit after watching a nail biting hockey game between Russia and the United States. Oshie is the man! So what’s the perfect breakfast food for a rainy day in Williamsburg? This mac and cheese from the Blue Talon Bistro. Their “historic tap water” was quite amusing as well. After brunch we had just enough time to trudge through the rain and check out a Christmas shop, which is of course one of my ideas of what heaven is meant to be. I’m already thinking ahead to what themes this year’s trees will be. I couldn’t pass up this Pewter Mistletoe Ornament.
One constant throughout the weekend for me was bread. Some really yummy bread, which reminded me of my New Year’s resolution to overcome my fear and hatred of yeast. I’m thinking that I should take the first leap later this week with this recipe. It seems like a good way to ease my way into the bread making process. One thing is for sure, I already make better biscuits than this restaurant where we met up with friends for a post-wedding breakfast.
After we said our farewells to “The Herd” we headed off to Richmond to visit “The Johnson Brats,” bearing lots of belated birthday gifts. Including this 1st Year Photo Album I put together for Brock. Here’s a picture of him wearing his birthday gift. He’s going to be all the fashion rage with the other little boys his age! We had lots of rough play, on B.O.B. Bob’s part, as well as lots of cuddles and kisses, mostly from Aunt Colleen, but occasionally from Uncle B.O.B. Bob saying he was sorry for being too rough. (Tori is a delicate little flower, who can be quick to show her tears of sadness.)
While waiting for The Johnson’s to get home from a basketball game, we had the chance to check out the Heritage Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Richmond. While I didn’t find any of my Madrid Amber Depression Glassware, I did pick up this Metal Cat Shaped Ice Cream Mold, which I look forward to using as a chocolate mold. I also purchased this Wooden Spool to use with my red and white baker’s twine. I’m not looking forward to actually winding the twine onto the spool; I’m guessing it will take me at least a half an hour. Our final purchase, which both B.O.B. Bob and I both fell in love with separately, is this mounted pig’s head. In keeping with the tradition of naming my pigs after country music legends, he will henceforth be referred to as Hank Sr. We’re not sure as of yet where he will reside, but he will be making his debut in the Delawder Matthews household very soon.

Irish Blessing Wedding Card | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Wedding Card Frontside

I feel blessed to have spent such a wonderful weekend with some of my favorite people in this world, celebrating the love shared between two people who made the huge leap of joining their two lives together. B.O.B. Bob, Brenna, and I both wish you a future filled with Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck; and we look forward to sharing in your many life adventures. Not to mention we will always think of the two of you fondly when we see Hank Sr. hanging from our wall. Without your love and marriage, he never would have found his way to our home. (Remember I mentioned earlier that I do funny and sarcasm much better than sentimental!)


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  • Xtie Vosseller

    We were the lucky 2014 wedding events and recipient of a beautiful card last year! We have framed this hand painted card and placed it in our sitting/library room. It is so goreous – a treasured gift from a beautiful friend! And B.O.B and Brenna! 😉

    BTW… when the Mesdames Vosseller give cards – I buy, E signs and I close it with a “What she said,” and arrow to E’s sentiment, a heart and my name. I am quite classy….