The Thursday Thirteen – 04/06/2017

There are so many things that I come across on a daily basis that strike me as funny, noteworthy, interesting, or just straight up outlandishly quirky. In order to share some of those things with y’all, I’ve decided to bring back The Thursday Thirteen. In a nutshell, I’ll be sharing thirteen things each week that I find thought-provoking, such as curious products, tantalizing recipes, hilarious cat pictures, or even kooky news articles. For example, this week I’m absolutely gaga over this Happy Socks Easter Gift Box, which if you order now is 20% off and includes free shipping. Can you tell I’m in full-blown Easter basket mode? Not surprising, since the big day is only a little over a week away and I’m attempting to eliminate copious amounts of sugary candy from B.O.B. Bob’s basket this year. Do any of y’all have any brilliant ideas on what to include? If so, comment below to share. I need all the help I can get.


Strawberry Ginger Smash - How Sweet It Is

Am I the only one super excited for the beginning of strawberry season? I think How Sweet It Is totally has the right idea with this Strawberry Ginger Smash recipe. Good thing I remembered to buy a mint plant last weekend. I think I’m really going to need it this year.


How to Make Pie Dough Shine - Tall Clover Farm

Do you plan on making a pie anytime in the near future? If so, make sure to check out Tall Clover Farm’s post on How to Make Pie Dough Shine. You have way more decisions ahead of you to make than which type of fruit or filling to use.


Cherry Blossom Lager - Dominion Brewing Company

Have you tried Dominion Brewing Company’s Cherry Blossom Lager yet? No? What are you waiting for? It’s only around for a short time and it’s absolutely amazing.


Is it ridiculous that I want to randomly go around my neighborhood and install these Fence Windows for Pets in other people’s fences? Do you think anyone will mind?


Over the Rainbow - Etsy - DrawMeASong

Last week I stumbled upon the DrawMeASong Etsy shop, which sells whimsical drawings of song lyrics. I’m over-the-moon in love with this Over the Rainbow print. I have a feeling it will be making an appearance in my kitchen sometime very soon.


21 Bloody Marys That Went Too Far - BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed’s 21 Bloody Marys That Went Too Far goes to show you that yes, there can be such a thing as too much of a good thing.


April Fools in the Kitchen - King Arthur Flour

Do you think you’re the only one who suffers total flops, blunders, failures, and all-out catastrophes in the kitchen? Think again. King Arthur Flour shared some of their most awesome blunders in this week’s April Fools in the Kitchen post. Make sure to check some of these epic failures out. I myself can totally sympathize with every single Bundt disaster shown.


National Crayon Day - The Nostalgia Diaries

Crayola’s Dandelion color is being retired? How do feel about this? Are you sad, happy, or just meh? Click HERE to read more about it on The Nostalgia Diaries.


Le Creuset Introduced a Pie Bunny - CountryLiving

According to CountryLiving, Le Creuset Introduced a Pie Bunny. I am officially ecstatic. Hint, hint, Mom, hint, hint; perfect Easter basket gift. I’m thinking a white bunny would look amazing in my next pie.


Twice Cooked Potatoes with Spicy Ketchup - Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Last week I shared my recipe for Twice Cooked Potatoes with Spicy Ketchup, which was inspired by the movie, “The Martian.” Click HERE to see all of the other great recipes inspired by this Food ‘n Flix movie?


I’m all about any product that makes cleaning more fun. So I was pretty excited to see this Eruption Disruption Microwave Cleaner while looking around on Amazon this week. Just add vinegar and water and then microwave for five to eight minutes on high. What do you think? Is it worth it? I’m sure that I could finally get B.O.B. Bob to clean the microwave with this little gadget hanging around. Maybe he’ll find one in his Easter basket this year.


How To Hard-Boil Eggs - Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Speaking of Easter, if you’re like everyone else, you will most likely find yourself needing to hard-boil eggs in the next week or so to dye for your family egg hunt or turn into deviled eggs. Check out my favorite tips on How To Hard-Boil Eggs.


Tater Tot Chicken Pot Hotdish - Molly Yeh

Even though it’s officially spring and I feel like I should be eating lighter meals, I still find myself craving things like Molly Yeh’s Tater Tot Chicken Pot Hotdish. If I made a tater tot inspired hot dish would you come help me eat it?

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  • Nicole Kestenbaum

    So many great tidbits here! I personally love the song lyrics posters from Etsy, the dog windows (YES PLEASE!), strawberry season (I make so much strawberry agua fresca this season) and those twice baked potatos are definitely on my to do list! Thanks for sharing Colleen!

    • Thanks for stopping by Nicole…the song lyrics posters are all so whimsical. I also love the No Woman No Cry one…but sadly the colors wouldn’t go anywhere in my house.

  • SUCH a fun post. I’m crying about the dandelion crayon being retired. This is an OUTRAGE!!!! ;,( I’m ALL about the strawberries over here, but yesterday I went to a farmer’s market and they had THE best ones ever, but $8/pint. Luckily, I also needed cash, which I didn’t have or I would have gone bankrupt haha. Hope to grab some good ones later today. We’re out in CA so we’ve had them in season for a little while… I can’t get enough!

    • Lucky you! They cost a pretty penny around here too…but that pretty much goes for anything at the farmers market. I love shopping there, but it almost always hits my wallet hard!

  • Tameka Wells

    What a fun post! Love the draw me a song!! What a cool idea

  • OMG I need the whimsical song drawing!!!!!!! I love that, and the fence window is the cutest idea ever!

    • I know, right? I want all of my neighbors with cute dogs to have one!