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Hello weekend! B.O.B. Bob and I started ours off right by going to a Caps game last night. We won. There was an amazing fight. And an overtime triumph. Hockey is back, and we are excited. Yes, you will have to hear me rant and rave for the next half-year…deal with it. Just wait until the 2015 Winter Classic, and yes, we’ll be going. Excited!

This morning I’ll be baking a batch of these. Pumpkin, chocolate, and toffee…I’m in love already. I think I’ll also make a batch of deviled eggs. Basil, mayonnaise, sundried tomatoes, and bacon filled eggs. Lots and lots of bacon of course. Bacon from my “2nd Hubby,” because he delivered another huge batch of it this week. And special kielbasa along with it. I’m so “Happy Happy Joy Joy” to give that a try.

Where will be taking all of this food you wonder? We’re going to a piggy roast today. A piggy roast in the country, where B.O.B. Bob’s high school friends get together and eat one of their own little porkers each year. Yum…doesn’t get much fresher than that. I also get to visit with all of the other farm animals. Those that know me well know that I will be a very excited girl. Goats + Pigs + Cats = Over the Rainbow Colleen.

I also swear that I will begin the Skeleton Clan Army today, or at least go and buy lots and lots of tartan. In my head the fighting bones are magnificent, but can I pull it off realistically? I’m going to try my best. Because that’s what I do with Halloween. I make it amazing. I make it fun-filled. I make you remember that it’s not just an ordinary holiday that only requires candy and a cheap polyester costume. I AM THE QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN!!! I’m also feeling like I rule the world today, so please excuse my self-admiration.

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