The Insane Week of Baking Is Over!

After a week filled with grocery shopping, followed by three days of baking, I can finally say that I am done with anything involving the kitchen.  I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out for Ella’s Retro Bridal Shower; I hope all of the girls will feel the same way.  They’re all going to be on a massive sugar rush this weekend thanks to me.  I also spent the day making several desserts to take to my parent’s house this weekend for a family cookout.  Guess what else I finally got around to making?  Pumpkin Deviled Eggs.  I know what you’re thinking, sounds pretty nasty?  Surprise, surprise, surprise; they’re actually pretty darn amazing!!!  Who knew?  I can’t wait to see how my family responds to them.  Hopefully they’ll at least give them a chance.

Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck


Note from Brenna:  Can I finally have some snuggles now?  I feel very neglected this week!

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