The Great Beer and Lobster Tour of the North

Mike's Pastry Chocolate Mousse Cannoli

B.O.B. Bob and I just returned from a nine-day road trip, which we dubbed “The Great Beer and Lobster Tour of the North.” We travelled to Boston, Salem, Portland, Prince Edward Island, Bangor, and Burlington, not to mention short little stops we managed to fit in between all of those destinations. You can’t even begin to imagine the incredible beer and food that we managed to shove into our mouths in such a short amount of time. This Chocolate Mousse Cannoli from Mike’s Pastry in Boston was just one of the many indulgences that I will continue to dream about for the rest of my life. If you’re ever in Boston, please go there, wait in the line that goes down the block, and make sure to buy more than one cannoli, because you will be very upset with yourself later if you only buy one. The line goes fast, there’s great people watching, and the way the employees tie the boxes up is crazy impressive. I don’t even like cannoli, but this was just over the top, angels descending from heaven singing, outrageously delicious.

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