My Absolute Favorite 2017 Recipes

We're counting down the days until New Year's 2018 by sharing Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck's absolute favorite recipes of the year 2017.
Last year, I spent quite a bit of time looking back through the year’s recipes in an attempt to determine my absolute favorites. This year, all I had to do was look at the list of my First Monday Favorites. The first Monday of every month, I and several other food recipe bloggers, choose one of our recipes from the month which we feel was simply unforgettable. It’s not always the most popular recipe or even the one with the most pins or comments, it’s simply one recipe that we felt stood out during the month. So ya’ll. here you have it, my absolute 2017 favorite recipes. Be prepared to drool.
  • These Hawaiian Meets Cajun Crab Dip Sliders were a last-minute idea when I needed a dish to take with me to a large gathering. It just goes to show you that planning ahead isn’t always necessary. Also, now I can’t stop thinking about things I want to put in or on a slider. I do believe it’s a new sickness.
  • This Slow-Cooker Spinach & Potato Sweet Curry Soup was a total surprise. I just kind of threw everything together and hoped for the best. I totally love it when something good comes with very little effort involved. Although, peeling potatoes is kind of a pain in the tuckus.
  • I almost always choose potato salad over pasta salad, but when it comes to this Muffuletta Pasta Salad, I swear that I’ll choose it every itty bitty time. It’s loaded with all of the goodies. Olives. Cheese. Meat. Veggies. Totally the side salad of my dreams.
  • Are y’all ready for a drink? No? Well, then how about some of these Drunken Irish Mussels? So simple, yet so friggin’ fantastic. I have no idea why these aren’t on the menu every single week.
  • You didn’t think I could celebrate the end of a year without sharing a deviled egg recipe now did you? These Simple Sun-Dried Tomato Deviled Eggs were clearly my favorite deviled egg recipe of the year. I’m not even sure how many times I made them exactly. For quite some time, I was totally addicted.
  • We all need a little Garden Mint Cookies and Cream Ice Cream in our lives. It’s the perfect excuse to plant some mint in a pot on your back deck. It’s also the perfect excuse to buy cookies the next time you’re at the market.
  • This recipe y’all, it stole my heart right away from me. THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE RECIPE OF 2017. Can I say it any louder? I don’t even think I need to write any more about this Jalapeño Cornbread Filled with Blueberry Quick Jam, you’ll just have to make it for yourself to see why it’s so amazing.
  • This White Balsamic Blueberry, Corn, and Feta Salad won runner-up in Taste of Home’s “Summer Sides” contest and will be featured this summer in their magazine. Even though this recipe won first place, I’m still a little sad that this salad wasn’t the big winner. I truly did fall in lust with this summer side dish.
  • Savory donuts are a thing. These Jalapeño and Peach Cornbread Dinner Donuts are just as good for dinner, as they are for breakfast or lunch. No matter what the time of day, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love them.
  • I simply adore an easy crockpot meal. Who doesn’t? This Green Chile Enchilada Crockpot Texas Roast was so yummy that even a fellow food blogger decided to make her own version of it using pork. Just in case you don’t realize it folks, that’s a pretty big compliment.
  • Cookies using cookies. Yes, it happened and I’m not even gonna apologize. These Golden Sandwich Cookie Chocolate Chip Cookies gave me the perfect excuse to buy one of my favorite store-bought cookies and not feel guilty about it.
  • How much cake can two people eat in one week? Well, if it’s B.O.B. Bob, me, and this Cranberry & Beer Breakfast Bundt Cake, the answer is the whole darn cake. We’re talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner y’all. All week long.

So what do you have to look forward to in the year 2018? Well, obviously more Bundt Bakers, Fish Friday Foodies, and Soup Saturday Swappers. Several Crockpot Monday recipes and perhaps way too many Deviled Eggs. Although, I really don’t think there is ever such a thing as too many deviled eggs. Hopefully, there will be ice cream too and maybe bread as well. Fair warning though, there’s usually quite a bit of shouting and a hissy fit or two when bread happens. No matter what, I’m sure there will be several super yummy recipes in 2018. Here’s hoping that this year will be just as great as last year, if not better.

Make sure to follow along with Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck this week as we share our best and most favorite recipes of 2017 in the Countdown to 2018.

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