Brenna Stretching Out the Coldness

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about Lady Brenna of Fairfax. Don’t worry; she’s still up to her usual antics, and keeping both B.O.B. Bob and I on our toes. Lately she’s taken to surveying the world from on top of our bureau, where the heat is at its fullest; after all it’s been pretty cold this past week. She has her little heart set on spring coming soon, as that’s the time of year when her favorite thing to do is lie in the sun and watch the birds through the kitchen windows as they flit to and from. The squirrels entertain her as well, but they don’t sing, and little Brenna is all about the singing. 

It’s way too cold downstairs for Brenna to enjoy a leisurely nap as of late; you just have to love old houses and their finicky heating systems. (Sarcasm!  I’m tired of being cold!) Her time downstairs is mostly spent playing “wand” with her Daddy in the evenings. Mommy isn’t allowed to play “wand,” because she does it wrong; Daddy makes it much more interesting, but he isn’t always in the mood to play. (Daddy doesn’t understand why “wand” time always has to happen when he’s in the middle of eating dinner!)  

Brenna and I are keeping our fingers and paws crossed for some warmer weather, and that the weather won’t revert back into the harsh winter temperatures again, because we’re both done with snow; we’re ready for flowers and mulch now. Well maybe not quite so much ready for mulch, but it’s arriving this weekend anyway, so I guess we’re doomed to be up to our elbows and fur in it. Besides, mulch delivery weekend means a whole day of uninterrupted napping for Brenna, because Mommy and Daddy are outside playing with the birds. (Mommy sings outside too, but it’s not quite as lyrical as the birdsong!) Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday; one that’s hopefully filled with sunshine, flowers, birds singing, and maybe even a little bit of mulch.

Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck


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