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It started with a plan; a simple plan. I would wake up early, bake a batch of No S’more Cookies, take a shower, and then pack up everything for our weekend trip to Richmond. You know what the crazy thing about a plan is? It never goes the way you planned. I woke up early and decided to give Brenna a cuddle. That’s when I realized her collar was missing. I also noticed that she had somehow gotten inside of my bra drawer, and haphazardly tossed bras all over the floor in the process. I had cookies to bake, so “Operation Find Collar” became B.O.B. Bob’s responsibility.

The cookies seemed to take forever to bake, not leaving me much time to get ready. While I was in the shower, I could hear B.O.B. Bob rummaging around upstairs, moving furniture in an attempt to find the hidden prize. This is about the time I realized he probably had no idea what the collar he was searching for actually looked like. Then I heard the vacuum cleaner running. Apparently you mine as well vacuum up the dust or Brenna-hair bunnies as you’re moving around furniture. This was also about the same time the sneezing began.

After getting out of the shower and packing, always glancing behind, under, and on top of every surface I came near, I finally decided to dig through the box of her old collars, and try to find one that still had all her info on it. This led to B.O.B. Bob and I almost coming to blows as we tried to fit the f%€~%€%~gfjgfhfsh(;75:G minuscule metal tags onto her collar from last summer. Brenna gave me a huge look of annoyance as I snuck up on her napping, and wrapped the replacement collar around her neck.

All that was left to do was to actually get dressed and head out the door. B.O.B. Bob, who suffers from asthma, had to make a quick trip to fill his inhaler prescription due to all of the dust kicked up into the air during the search. He would also be subjected to several animals over the weekend, so the need for breathing assistance apparatus was a must. As I reached into my bureau to pull out clothes to wear, my palm encountered a suspicious object. After three hours of searching, I had finally discovered where Brenna “hid” her collar. F%€~%€%~gfjgfhfsh(;75:G crazy ass cat!

Needless to say, we were very late getting out the door, which meant that we were two and a half hours late to our friends’ baby shower, but hey, we came bearing the gift of fresh-baked cookies.

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