So today isn’t as much of a “Sunday Fun Day” as it is a “Make up for Being a Lazy Bum on Saturday Day.” Plans for the day include making Tomato Juice, because I’m way too lazy to make sauce AGAIN! The tomatoes are never-ending this year. B.O.B. Bob wants to buy a KitchenAid Stand Mixer Fruit and Vegetable Strainer Attachment from Williams-Sonoma to make my life easier, so there may be a trip to Reston Town Center today. I am having an ongoing war with my Food Mill, and I am ready to toss it out into the street; B.O.B. Bob hates to see me do battle with my kitchen gadgets. I may have to take a shower if this excursion actually occurs…so not in the mood to put real clothes on yet. I’ve enjoyed slumming it in my sweatpants, and it feels stupid to get all dressed up to spend the entire day cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and making a mess out of the kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen, I also plan on making Oreo Rice Krispies Treats to take to work tomorrow, just because I have yet to take anything there and I’m in the mood to make a dessert. I also have leftover Oreo Cookies from when I made Hazelnut Oreo Ice Cream, and they need to get out of this house before I eat them all! Hope y’all have a wonderful fun filled Sunday!

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