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I can admit when I’ve been wrong, and yesterday I was capital W wrong. I absolutely loved Maleficent, which turned out to be such a wonderful movie. I had no idea of what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t a movie where the scenery and characters appeared so rich and beautiful, with a storyline that humanized the traditional storybook villain. Go Disney! Maybe you’re actually making your way back, although I still can’t forgive you for that whole Frozen thing. I absolutely loathed, detested, abhorred that movie, and want to shove a pair of scissors in my ears each time I hear one of the songs, or am forced to watch one of the five million mocking renditions of them, that completely insane people with way too much time on their hands have produced. (Check this one out! How creeped out are this brother and sister going to be when they grow up and have this video to look back on? Your first proposal was to your sister. Just weird!) There are not enough definitions of the word “hate” to describe how much I “dislike” that horrendous movie. Enough about that heinous cartoon, the new Disney fantasy film, based on Sleeping Beauty, was so much more interesting. However, there were a few things I found puzzling. Both Marney and I couldn’t figure out why they chose such a boring actor to play her love interest. He was just so blah. Blah personality. Blah appearance. In short, just blah, blah, blah. It made the true love storyline a little unbelievable. And then there’s Elle Fanning. Not a fan. The Blond Bubbling Gigglyness she portrays tends to make you feel like you’re standing in a store line with a group of obnoxious teenagers behind you, slowly driving you bat-shit crazy with their belief that everything in the world is just so “hella” amazing. Basically, she leaves me with a strong desire to slap her face and scream, “Grow up!” Finally, I think whoever was in charge of costumes failed in giving Angelina Jolie a rememberable outfit. Her first one was way too drab for her innocent personality and the Technicolor world in which she was living, and her follow-up ones failed to impress. Although, I’ve got to give it up for the head, or should I say horn costuming, which was completely stunning. Who knew you could rock so many styles with horns? This makes me want to own a pet goat even more, now that I know wrapping their horns in snakeskin is an option.

After the movie, my best friend and I shop-walked around Reston Town Center, and took a minute to pose in front of the newly opened World of Beer. One day, when we have the guys with us, we’ll actually take the time to go in and check it out. We were way too busy on our mini-shopping spree to waste time on things like eating or drinking beer. I’m ashamed to say how much money was spent yesterday; we had absolutely no problem keeping up with one another, and falling in love with almost everything we saw. Marney even spotted this piggy bank, with Brenna’s name on it. I resisted the urge to buy it, because a cat with its own bank is just insane, right? I thought walking into a Baby Store would be harmless, but I walked out of there with gifts for several people, including these cute kitty bibs for a special someone who is going to totally flip when they see them. Paper Source was also another store in which I easily racked up a huge hit on my credit card. That store is just too darn tempting, with it’s pretty little baubles tempting you from every cleverly designed display. Marney and I both purchased one of these. Mine will either be displayed in our downstairs bathroom or in our kitchen; I haven’t decided yet. B.O.B. Bob will have the chore of mounting it to the wall later on this afternoon. I’m sure he’ll just love that. Marney is planning on putting hers with a display of bronze ships that she has on one of her walls. There were so many other purchases made, but the one other notable one was this perfume. It smells like sunshine in a bottle. Citrusy summer at its best.

After shopping spree number one, B.O.B. Bob and I headed down the street to O’Sullivan’s, to meet with a former co-worker of mine. It was nice to catch up, grab a beer, and enjoy a very late late lunch/early early dinner. There’s nothing like a Reuben and a Harp to make a hungry tummy feel all content and cheerful again. While there, I also picked up my Colbie Caillat tickets for Wolf Trap later this summer. So excited to see her perform again, even though we just attended her concert there last year. Something to look forward to, as well as our possible vacation that is currently in the planning stage. I’ve been doing some major research on Prince Edward Island; so if any of y’all have ever been there or know of someone who has, please feel free to share any suggestions.

After fueling up, B.O.B. Bob and I headed out for round two of shopping. This shopping expedition was much more strategic however, Brenna was in need of a new litter box. Let me just say this right now, buying a litter box is like going shopping for a car. You have to “kick the tires.” We took each one off of the shelf, examined the thickness and depth of the plastic, whether or not it had a lid, a flap to close the entrance, and could withstand the wear and tear of several years. Brenna is very particular when it comes to her litter box, so I had to imagine what she would love and hate about each one. After trips to two pet stores, we finally decided on this one, but have yet to determine if it will meet with her exacting standards. She did however love this new toy that I picked out for her. A toy that rolls around, has cardboard for scratching, and catnip to get her high, let’s just say it’s the most-perfect cat toy ever. We also caved in and purchased her this one for Christmas. It will most likely be destroyed within the first five minutes of her receiving it.

What a long and fun-filled day, which was only made better by ending it with a small bowl of “Blow Your Kilt Off” Samoas Ice Cream, while watching the Hallmark Channel’s premiere of “Angels Sing.” This is one of my new favorites, because not only does it have Harry Connick, Jr. in it, but also Willie Nelson, Connie Britton, and Chris Kristofferson. I love that Hallmark does Christmas in July; I’ve been enjoying it for the past week. It was lovely to sit back and relax, and even head to bed at a decent time for once. If only I could have managed to get this creepy song from Maleficent out of my mind.

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  • Christie Blumenthal

    Rob Cox said that if you are interested in the Celtic aspect of Pronce Edward Island, plan to visit Halifax! I am looking forward to some ice cream after dinner tonight! Yay Spring Street family!