SUNDAY FUN DAY – 01/04/2015


Unhappy Brenna | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice




  1. TO NOT BE SO GRUMPY – Brenna and I could both use a little help in this department. We are quick to anger, and love to hold onto a grudge as long as possible. We are far from perfect. When we are both irritable at the same time it’s an absolute nightmare. Words are said, fur is ruffled, and poor B.O.B. Bob hides in fear.
  2. SLEEP LONGER AND BETTER – Brenna can teach me a few things about this. When I’m tired I just need to give in, instead of feeling like I must get everything done before sleep. Nothing is ever finished, and I usually get more done the morning after a great sleep. I also need to stock up on more comfy cozy blankies; both Brenna and I could benefit from them.
  3. LET THE “WEIRD” PEOPLE GO – If I don’t like someone I need to be more like Brenna and let that dislike shine like the North Star. That little girl has a way of letting people know that they will not be tolerated, and I think I could use that skill to weed out several people who have no place in my world right now. Perhaps I can find a better way of showing it than attacking their leg with claws and teeth out at the ready, or hissing at them, but I need to at least set some boundaries.
  4. MORE CHICKEN – Even I have not had my fill of my favorite protein lately. 2014 brought way too much beef with it, which has never really been my thing. Perhaps this year I can make it more often, and make it healthier. Sigh…I guess that means fried chicken is off the menu. Brenna could care less what shape or form it comes in, chicken is chicken where she’s concerned; the more frequent the better.
  5. B.O.B. BOB NEEDS TO GET MORE SNUGGLES – He’s our absolute favorite person of the male variety. Maybe we shouldn’t be so grumpy with him so often. Perhaps we should even share our cozy blankies and chicken with him…perhaps. No promises.

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  • Linnie

    Simple but I think they are doable.

  • Xtie Vosseller

    I am in! More snuggles for B.O.B.! 😀 We have chicken marinating right now. My true first attempt at dieting with E starts tomorrow. Yay!