Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide

Gifts for the Man in Your Life


In the spirit of the season of Pinspiration, Pinterest is unveiling their first ever Holiday Giving Guide!  They’ve asked some creative Pinners to share their favorite gift ideas to help you find the most imaginative gifts for every type of person on your list.  And to help you plan for the holidays, they have a gift for you; they’ll be rolling out three more secret boards, so you can play Secret Santa and keep more of your ideas under wraps!  (Those of you who really use Pinterest should understand how big this is; you can now have six secret boards instead of just three.)

2013 Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide

Check out my Pinterest board for Gifts for the Man in Your Life.  These are all gifts that my darling sweet B.O.B. Bob would absolutely love. It’s hard to find a gift for the man who does not play video games, is not a sports junkie, and owns almost every tool imaginable! You have to learn to think outside of the box sometimes!  B.O.B. Bob, if you are reading this…DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT CLICK HERE!  –Gifts for the Man in Your Life

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