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Brenna surprisingly helped me to win a prize from Piccadilly a few months ago; this just goes to show you that whenever you want to win a photo contest never be afraid to “whore” out your animal shamelessly. Everyone loves animals, and they will almost always win the vote. Piccadilly is a Washington, D.C. based boutique firm specializing in event styling and coordination, prop and product styling, and creative consulting. Its founder, Hannah, just also happens to be a friend of my neighbor Ella of StartCloseIn, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet her on a few occasions and have a few of my baked goods featured in both Hannah and Ella’s You Sparkle Valentine’s Day and You Sparkle Holiday photo shoots. Hannah is an absolute genius when it comes to design and making any drab setting shine brilliantly. Hannah loves sparkle, and she spreads it to everyone around her with just her smile alone. Please check out the newly launched Piccadilly site, and if you’re looking for some sparkle to inspire you emotionally, check out Hannah’s personal blog Love Always Hannah.

Salt and Sundry | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

So what did Brenna win for her Mommy? A gift card to Salt & Sundry, which I knew absolutely nothing about. I have apparently been living under a rock. Salt & Sundry is the sweetest little boutique located in Washington D.C.’s Union Market. B.O.B. Bob and I checked this funky place out before a Capitals game one weekend, and can’t wait to go back and take some others with us to share the experience. I had to hold myself back from buying the entire shop; I wanted just about everything. I finally settled on the most beautiful wooden mortar and pestle, a small container of Sel Magique Fleur de Sel aux Herbes de Provence, and a jar of Gordy’s Pickle Jar Sweet Chips, which are made in small batches in Washington, D.C., and were the winner of the 2013 Good Food Award.

Piccadilly, thank you so much for picking Brenna as your favorite Instagram photo for the #Piccadilly-Creative contest, which led to me discovering the most wonderful hidden shop and several new and exciting products while there. We’ll definitely be going back sometime soon. I’d love to check out Union Market during the Christmas season, I can only imagine how beautiful it will be. We’ll also keep you in the back of our minds for when/if B.O.B. Bob and I ever finally make it down the aisle and need to plan a big special event to celebrate the miracle. 

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