Operation Little Bunny Foo Foo Relocation


Thursday evening I noticed Brenna hunched down in front of the kitchen window, staring at something with great interest. When I went over to check it out, I noticed that we had finally caught a little rabbit in the bunny trap that B.O.B. Bob had recently set up. This is just one of the wee creatures that is responsible for eating the blooms off of every flower in my yard. They’re cute, but I like my flowers as well, so we’re in the process of catching them and relocating them to a local park down the street. I’m thankful that Brenna pointed this guy out to me before it got dark. I would have hated for the poor thing to be trapped in that cage all night long.

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  • Such a cute bunny

  • Thank you for relocating! That’s a very humane thing to do!

  • Wouldn’t dream of handling it any other way!