News Flash: Halloween Tornado Hits the Johnson Family House

Johnson Kids Halloween Shirts

When you tell your children they can open their presents in the morning, make sure you specify that they at least have to wait until you wake up. D.J. and Tori couldn’t wait for Linda to get out of bed before they started ripping into their Halloween care package. I’m sure the kids were on a sugar high from all of the candy they managed to suck down before she realized what was going on. I’d say I was sorry about that, but not really; it’s wonderful giving other people’s children a sugar buzz when you don’t have to deal with the consequences. That’s what being an Auntie is all about.

Thank you Linda for taking the time to put together this cute little movie for everyone to enjoy. I’m sure the unedited version would have made everyone laugh even more, but we’ll save D.J. the embarrassment of having his future girlfriends and employers viewing “Wiener Wiener Wiener” on the Internet!

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  • Linda Johnson

    HAHAHA!!! Maybe we can show the family the “wiener, wiener, wiener” unedited version. Let’s just say DJ was so excited to open the package that he forgot to put on his pants after he went to the bathroom. There are priorities ya know? 😉