March 2014 Food Network Magazine

The Bacon IssueEven if you don’t get all excited when you see a new food magazine while going through the checkout line of your local market, I beg you to take a glance at the March 2014 edition of the Food Network Magazine.  You’ll know which one I’m talking about as soon as you lay eyes on it.  It’s called “The Bacon Issue.” Understand why I’m so excited now?

Chicken and Bacon Waffles

Waffles topped with lightly battered boneless chicken breasts and bacon, and then smothered in maple syrup.

Apple Bacon Galette

Bacon and apples nestled into a rustic pie crust, which is then sprinkled with sugar.

Pasta with Bacon and Leeks

A quick and simple rigatoni and cream pasta dish, containing bacon and leeks.

Bacon, Date, and Manchego Quesadillas

Bacon, dates, and manchego cheese melted in between two flour tortillas, and served with a pistachio and spinach sour cream.

Caramelized Bacon

Applewood smoked bacon caramelized with brown sugar, maple syrup, pecans, and a hint of cayenne pepper.

There’s really not a bad recipe in the entire magazine this month, but maybe that’s just because everything has bacon in it.  Bacon makes everything better!  So what do I plan on making?  First, I think I’ll try the Pancetta Pops shown on page 53, which are basically a maple lollipop with pancetta nestled inside of them.  And after that, I am definitely making this for my big brother Matt’s birthday, which is coming up in March.  If you see the magazine, pick it up and take a look at it, and let me know which recipe you would like to try.

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  • Karen McCausland

    I almost had a heart attack when this issue arrived. I took it with me when I went out for breakfast on Saturday & one of the owners of the restaurant commented & said he hadn’t had time to look at his yet. I got so hungry for bacon while I was waiting for my breakfast. This may be their best issue ever!

    • I agree! It’s rare that I fall in love with an entire issue of any magazine! I want to try everything in this month’s issue…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmBacon!!!