Let’s Go Hokies!


This homemade VA Tech birthday card means I now have a huge surplus of burgundy and orange paper, I went a little overboard at the scrapbook store.

No, I have not suddenly turned into a college football fan.  It is, however, Marney’s 39th Birthday today, and the least I can do is root for her favorite team.  After traveling to VA Tech on the Hokie Pokie Bus with her last year, I can understand how certain people might enjoy football, but I’m fairly certain I will never be one of those people.  After my ass and toes lost feeling from the extreme cold, I pretty much knew that I don’t have what it takes to be a true football fan.  I’m pretty sure the return to the bus across campus after the game was more of a sprint than a walk. There is just not enough beer, hand warmers stuffed in strange places, or cups of luke-warm hot chocolate to make that amount of coldness tolerable to this heat-loving girl.  I do, however, support Marney in her love of the game.  Every text message I receive on game day, stating “Go Hokies,” I return with a reciprocal “Go Hokies,” followed by lots of little football symbols.  For me, that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

Collar Flower for Autumn, Yankee Candle Air Freshener, VA Tech Socks, Collar Bow Tie for Dale, Homemade VA Tech Gift Tag, and Cumberland Wreaths VA Tech Wreath.

In honor of her love for the Hokies, Marney’s birthday gift from me is pretty much all VA Tech this year, including a homemade VA Tech birthday card.  It’s getting pretty hard to buy her anything she doesn’t already own, so I have to get a bit creative these days.  The wreath pictured above is from Cumberland Wreaths, a small business run out of Cumberland, Maryland.  Cumberland is a small town, which is very close to my heart that I grew up near, and still consider as my hometown.  Shauna Lima offers “Many different styles and colors of wreaths to fit your decorating personality! They come in a variety of colors and designs using different types of fabric, burlap, and mesh.  Prices vary from $25 to $40.”  Like her Facebook page for notice of frequent additions, as well as decorating ideas.


Here’s an example of what the wreath looks like hanging on a door.  It could pass for a Washington Redskins wreath as well, so the fact that I let this wreath hang on my door at all was a miracle!

No birthday is complete without dessert, and these are two of Marney’s faves.  And what would a birthday be, without a Birthday Care Bear to help celebrate?

Marney and I have decided that after 39 we will both only get younger each year, so next year we’re headed back to 38.  We can just skip that whole 40 thing.  Let’s hope VA Tech can beat the Western Carolina Catamounts today on their own turf.  The birthday girl deserves a win!

Note from Brenna:  Dear Miss Marney, I expect to see lots of pictures of Autumn and Dale wearing their new collar add-ons.  I’m just really happy to see someone else being tortured for a change.  Hope you have a wonderful birthday!  Lots of kitty kisses! – Brenna

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