Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas for the Halloween Procrastinator

I bet you’ve been wondering how I preserved my jack-o’-lantern this year, since I shared so many helpful tips with you last week about how to embalm your pumpkin.  Well, I chose the easiest method, deciding to wait until the last minute to carve my pumpkin, eliminating all chance of mold or dehydration.  If any of you have procrastinated like I have, then here are a few ideas for you.

Black Cat and Jack Skellington Pumpkin

Place a cute animal beside your Jack Skellington Pumpkin.  No matter how bad a job you did at carving it, the animal will make it look much better.  (This picture was borrowed from Buddha Interiors; click here to see more truly beautiful photographs.)

Mosaic PumpkinAttach small pieces of masking tape to your pumpkin and paint the pumpkin with black spray paint.  After allowing the paint to dry several hours, peel the masking tape off, which will create a simple Mosaic Pumpkin.  You can also get this result by attaching pieces of orange painter’s tape to a black foam pumpkin.

Hello Kitty Pumpkin

To create this adorable Hello Kitty Witch Pumpkin, spray paint your pumpkin white and attach ears, nose, eyes, and a playful hat on its head.

Bengal Carved PumpkinCreate your own Bengal Cat.  Hopefully your version will not be as high-maintenance as mine.

Boo Y'All

A Boo Y’All Pumpkin, after all what more do you really need to say?  This pattern one is from one of my favorite Southern ladies, Ms. Paula Deen.

Pumpkin Cat Kit

This Pumpkin Cat Kit turns your pumpkin instantly into a black cat, how much easier could it get?  B.O.B. Bob and I have a similar version of this, which we bought years ago from a catalog.  

Toothpick Pumpkin

This Toothpick Pumpkin will make an ordinary jack-o’-lantern “stick” out.

Glitter Pumpkin

A little bit of glitter and spray adhesive will make even the most hideous Glitter Pumpkin sparkle.

Pumpkin Puppy

Alright, I guess we’ll have to include this Pumpkin Puppy for all the dog lovers out there.  

(Note from Brenna: Cats Rule, Dogs Drool!!!)

Curling-Ribbon Party Pumpkin

If you prefer to save your pumpkin from total destruction, for further use in your pie and soup making, this Curling-Ribbon Party Pumpkin is the perfect solution.

Duct Tape Pumpkin

Men will love this easy to make Duct Tape Pumpkin, which will allow them to plan a special trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s to purchase patterned duct tape and whatever else they can convince themselves they really need.

Sharpie Marker Pumpkin

And of course, if all else fails, there’s always the Sharpie Marker Pumpkin to save the day.

Don’t forget to share pictures of your jack-o’-lanterns on Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck’s Facebook Page.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your pumpkin.  Also, don’t forget to save those pumpkin seeds for roasting.  Here are 17 Sweet + Savory Pumpkin Seed Recipes from Brit + Co.

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