Happy Caturday! – 09/05/2015

Happy Caturday! - 09/05/2015 | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Mommy & Daddy are sleeping in this morning, so I decided to steal some time on the computer and paw out my objections to their weekend plans. First of all, they both got off early yesterday from work, and instead of coming home and spending time with me, they went to see some stupid financial man about Mommy’s future. And as if that wasn’t boring enough, then they did a bit of birthday shopping for Ms. Marney, followed by drinks and an appetizer at Jackson’s. Before heading home to finally give me some much-needed attention, my Mommy even BOUGHT cupcakes to take to our new neighbor’s house for dinner. What the heck is up with that shit? Buying cupcakes. I just don’t understand. Anyways, after they spent the whole evening talking and eating with the neighbors, they arrived home to ignore my pleas for extra affection. I’m hoping that this morning will finally bring some much needed cuddle-time for me, but from the conversation I overheard last night I very much doubt that is going to happen. There was talk of Halloween, mass attic cleaning, a dive-in movie, a honky tonk show, a local wine and beer show, and a barbecue rib dinner thrown in there somewhere. Nowhere in that long list of plans did I at any point pick up on the words kitty playtime. It’s going be a long lonely weekend for this kitty. Although, I’m pretty excited for the whole Halloween part, it means I get to change out my collar for something a little more festive.

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