Happy Caturday! – 05/16/2015

Happy Caturday! - 05/16/2015 | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

It’s loud today. Daddy has been in the downstairs bathroom all day long, banging, demolishing, and sometimes screaming bad words. He thinks I don’t know what the bad words mean, but I do. He called me by one this morning, because I was being very naughty and not letting him sleep in. Mommy called me a bad word too, but she gave me kisses afterwards, so I forgave her. Mommy spent almost the entire day outside making the yard, porch, and back deck delightfully charming. I caught a glimpse through the window, and I really wish I could go outside and enjoy it. Imagine sitting in the sunshine around all those pretty flowers. Maybe if I’m not naughty again tonight, she will take me outside on my leash tomorrow.

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