Happy Caturday! – 05/09/2015 #CatsTrueNature

Happy Caturday! - 05/09/2015 #CatsTrueNature | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

It’s a birthday and wedding kind of weekend around here. That means Brenna was tortured with “The Birthday Dance” yesterday, and today she’ll have to be ignored while Mommy and Daddy get all dolled up for a wedding they will be attending. Don’t get all excited, it’s not their wedding. After all, thirteen years isn’t enough time to get to know one another. What’s the rush?!?!?!

So what is Brenna to do, while she waits patiently for her own special Mommy and Daddy to finally take a walk down that momentous aisle, full of love and thoughts of forever, with her clutched tightly in their arms? Perhaps a good game of hide and attack with her tunnel will help show her #CatsTrueNature and help to wile away the minutes, hours, days, years until that truly significant day, when a sculpture of her furry little butt will be shoved on top of a cake between adorable, but not quite adequately depicted bride and groom replicas of her Mommy and Daddy. There of course will be the dreaded picture of Brenna next to the cake, smelling it, turning her nose up in disgust, because like Mommy, she doesn’t think highly of cake either. “The Birthday Dance” and a lonely weekend aren’t looking quite so bad to Brenna anymore. That extremely distant future wedding of the Mommy and the Daddy seems like it could be full of torment, suffering, and misery for a kitty.

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