Happy Caturday! – 02/07/2015

Happy Caturday! - 02/07/2015 | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Brenna seems to be saying, “It wasn’t me.” I can assure you that it was she. When there is something destroyed in the Delawder Matthews’ household, it is almost always done so by a completely innocent looking kitty.

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  • Hey, we have the same “it wasn’t me” carpet fraying at our house too!

    • Colleen Delawder

      Sometime’s cats can just be so annoying! I hate this carpet. Our office is the only room in our house with carpet, and we have a plan to replace it, but I just know that the little brat is going to one day start doing the same thing to the new carpet, and that’s when we are really going to have words!!!