Halloween Gifts for the Johnson Family

Halloween, like Christmas, comes with decorations, special music, parties, and gift-giving in our household.  I couldn’t help myself when it came to snatching up a few of these Old Navy Halloween T-Shirts for the Johnson kids.  Brock, Tori, and D.J. are going to look snazzy in their matching shirts this year.  I also couldn’t resist making up a Halloween care package, and adding some other little goodies as well.  Target is now exclusively selling 8-Pack Themed Crayola Crayon Packs, which are a wonderful add-on to any gift for a child.  I suggest you stock-up now for Christmas stockings; priced at under a dollar, they are going to fly off of the shelves.


  • Plastic Spider Rings
  • Halloween Bouncy Balls
  • Gummi Worms
  • Crayola Monstrous Crayons
  • Old Navy Halloween T-Shirts

A little something for the Johnson parents; Bath and Bodyworks Creamy Pumpkin Deep Cleansing Hand Soap for Linda, and Touchdown Mix M&M’s for David.

Brenna thought the Halloween Bouncy Balls smelled disgusting.  She decided that touching them with her paw was not worth the bad taste they would give her later at bath time.  Let’s hope the Johnson kids aren’t quite so picky.

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