Guess Who Turns 11 Today?

Happy 11th Birthday Brenna | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

It’s hard to believe that Brenna is already 11 years old, especially because of the way she rushes around the house, demanding special attention every single second of the day. I swear it feels like we were picking her up as a neurotic kitten just a blink in time ago. I can’t imagine what the past decade plus would have been like without her by my side, and I hope and pray that the little gutsy, and sometimes nutso kitty will be my companion for at least a decade to come. We’ll be celebrating her birthday in style, because that’s what us crazy cat lovers do best. B.O.B. Bob and I will start the morning off forcing her to do the birthday dance, which is our family tradition when any of us celebrate a big day. We love this tradition, however Brenna finds it to be a form of torture. One day I will successfully videotape it to share with the world, but for now it will remain private, so that Brenna can pretend that she is not being shamed in front of the entire world. After the dance, we’ll give her a special birthday gift, which is actually something that she really needs. Her old cat scratcher/lounger will now be replaced with an orange patterned one, which will fit in perfectly with the entire Halloween decor surrounding it. In the evening, I’ll spoil her with a bit of chicken, while giving her lots of unwanted kisses and cuddles. At the end of the day, she won’t have realized that the day was any different, or that she is a year older, but she’ll go to bed with a happy tummy, and high as a kite from the catnip that I coated her new lounger in. Not a bad way to celebrate your 11th.

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  • Deb Levy

    Happy birthday, Brenna!

    • Colleen Delawder

      I’ll pass on your thoughtful Happy Birthday, but I don’t see her giving two figs about it. She’s a crabby kitty that way! 🙂

  • Debbie Spivey

    Happy Happy Birthday, Brenna! Give her a sniff of catnip for me!