Fantastic Halloween Witch Wall Plaque Score from HomeGoods


Bob and I set out last weekend on the search for new Halloween signs for outside of The Delawder Matthews Halloween House.  Many of our old items, which we’ve had for several years, are starting to show severe wear and tear.  The goal was to find some great metal signs that would hold up a bit better through the years.  Unfortunately, most signs are now made from pressboard, which starts deteriorating as soon as the first rain hits.  Hell, a lot of signs aren’t even painted anymore, they just have a sticker overlay placed on them.  We were lucky enough to find a couple of metal signs, but mostly we ended up purchasing a few well-made wooden signs that we can use in areas that are covered from the elements.  This painted plaster witch wall plaque was our biggest score, along with several other signs we came across at HomeGoods.  I had originally planned to use it outside, but became too afraid of it getting damaged, especially since it was a splurge at $29.99.  It was one of those items I knew I would never see again, and if we didn’t buy it, I would always have regrets.   It’s now hanging in our dining room looking completely amazing!


  • HomeGoods
  • Marshalls
  • Ross
  • Michaels
  • A.C. Moore
  • Etsy

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