Divorce and Natural Cranberry Applesauce

Natural Cranberry Applesauce | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Yesterday I posted a recipe for Natural Cranberry Applesauce, and also talked about divorce. I know, kind of weird coming from a girl who has never been divorced, right? I actually wrote the article for SheKnows.com as a SheKnows Expert, in response to their request for everyday stories about divorce from your own unique perspective. By now you know me, and that I always have my own individual viewpoint, even if it does happen to be a wacky one. Why not share it with the world? This year is about branching out here on Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck, and writing about things out of the norm. Basically, any chance I can get to write something for another website, product, or individual that I believe in, I’m forcing myself to take it. When it comes down to it, I’m giving myself homework. It helps challenge me, and I need that right now.

Earlier this week my article entitled “The Secret to My Marriage Is Applesauce, “was featured on SheKnows.com‘s main page. Usually when you submit an article, it is edited to fit their particular platform, before being posted on their site. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy was it altered this time. Besides the title of the post hilariously inferring that I am an actual married individual, every time I used the name “B.O.B. Bob” in my post, they chose to replace it with “my husband.” I laughed out loud so hard when reading their version of my article. It seems they also didn’t think much of my sentence, “Oh yes, there are days I hate that man so much I could easily string him up from the nearest tree by his nose hairs, cover him in birdseed, and then let the squirrels go to town.” Now I can’t decide which post I prefer most. I love mine because it’s written as I meant in to appear, but theirs definitely has a certain charm and humor to it as well. Read both of them and let me know what you think. I’m curious to hear which one is your favorite.

Natural Cranberry Applesauce

The Secret to My Marriage Is Applesauce

Forewarning. Expect to see more “featured articles” from me this year. At the beginning of the week I posted a recipe for Chobani Simply 100 Blueberry Dinner Muffins in response to a request from Chobani to help be an influencer for their newly released product. There is no fear of me suddenly beginning to write about tires, diaper butt paste, football teams, or even the best store to buy black leather studded pumps from. That wouldn’t be me. I will only share products or subjects with you that apply to my life and my beliefs. This blog wasn’t and isn’t meant to be about hawking someone’s wares or ideas, it’s meant to be a fun way to share recipes and my life with those people I am lucky enough to have as regular readers. So if you see an odd idea or product that I am discussing appear in the future and wonder if I’m being paid to talk about it, let me tell you now, that the answer is going to be no. If that day ever arrives I’ll be sure to let you know. I won’t ever let the promise of a pay day influence me to write about liver, diapers, energy star replacement windows, or lima beans. I have my standards. Just ask my “husband!”

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  • rdj999

    You really would rock a pair of leather studded pumps, but yeah, no diaper butt paste, please!

    It’s wonderful to see you spreading your wings. We all know you’ve got plenty of writing talent to spare.

    • Colleen

      So sweet…but no one needs to see me in pumps…awkward!!!