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Cocozia Organic Coconut Water | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

The past week has been an absolute nightmare in The Delawder Matthews’ household. My bathtub decided to finally kick the bucket, after I cleaned it of course. Our heater also decided to protest against the extremely cold temperatures, leaving us to fend for ourselves one very long night, before we finally got it somewhat working again. The entire heating system will be replaced this Tuesday with any luck. B.O.B. Bob is excited about this, because it is some state of the art system that can apparently do everything but make toast. Men get very happy about things like that, women just want to be warm. The icemaker in our freezer is going bad, and constantly makes it sound like someone is knocking on our front door. If you do happen to knock on our front door, please make sure to make it an entertaining knock, or we are likely to completely ignore the sound. The rug in my bathroom was mysteriously drenched, and we still have no idea why, but I’m sure it will be something horrific, cost a fortune, and be a complete pain in the ass to fix. Our sump pump froze in our outside cellar, causing it to flood once again. Thank goodness we keep nothing down there, because this has happened way too many times to count.

So as you can imagine, it was pretty much the worst week ever where household appliances and utilities were concerned. Fortunately, an email from Cocozia about their 100 % Organic Coconut Water helped to lighten my mood, and deliver something positive to my otherwise extremely negative week. I was asked to review and write about their product, and was sent a 12-Pack of Cocozia from Amazon to use for this task. Thankfully I remembered to check the front porch for the package before it could freeze. The way my week was going, I couldn’t be too careful. So, look forward to recipes coming in the near future using Cocozia 100% Organic Coconut Water, and keep your fingers crossed for B.O.B. Bob, Brenna, and I that nothing else goes kaput. We’re going to need all of our energy and sanity for the complete destruction and rebuilding of our downstairs bathroom, which none of us are particularly looking forward to.

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  • Linnie

    So I am happy to volunteer as a taste tester but only if there is rum involved.

    • Colleen

      Come over one evening and we’ll come up with something!