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Happy Wednesday y’all. We’ve finally made it to the hump, and before you know it Friday will be upon us, but for now it’s still Wednesday, which means that we could all use a few cookies to help us get through the day. Little ol’ me is a guest blogger on Tragic Wardrobe today, which is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog, with a bit of geekery thrown in just for shits and giggles. You can find out all about Stephanie and Tragic Wardrobe HERE.

I had such a blast writing this post for Stephanie’s site, and honestly had a hard time letting it go when I was finished; I kinda wanted to keep it all to myself in true “Mine, mine, mine!” style. But alas, sometimes you just need to let go of the things you adore the most in life for the greater good and all of that crap. Who knows where my tender Cherry Don’t Blinks will travel, whose ovens they will be baked in, or which people will totally never be able to look at an angel statue in the same way ever again.

I’m wholeheartedly raising the geek factor to full throttle today y’all with these Cherry Don’t Blinks and the story behind them, hoping that I can spread a little bit of Doctor Who Weeping Angels knowledge in the process. So head on over HERE to see the recipe featured on Tragic Wardrobe today, and don’t be afraid to stop back by Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck afterward to let me know what you think.

If this is your first time visiting, and you’ve stumbled upon us due to Tragic Wardrobe, welcome. It’s nice to see ya, and we hope you’ll visit again soon. HERE is what we’re all about in a nutshell; if we’ve humored you in any way or just caught your attention with our recipes, please feel free to subscribe to our blog and never miss out on any of the crazy-yum-fun.

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*This post first appeared as a guest post on Tragic Wardrobe on 04/27/2016. At this time, this website is no longer active. You can now find the recipe for Weeping Angel Cherry Don’t Blinks by clicking HERE.

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