Brenna’s Halloween Costume Torture 2013 & Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Am I the only one that tortures their pet with Halloween costumes? I’m guessing many of you do as well, you may just not admit it. Thankfully, Brenna is finally starting to get used to it. I won’t say that she loves wearing costumes, but she has gotten to the point of acceptance. I’ve also learned which costumes she won’t be able to wriggle her little furry butt out of. Brenna and I hope you enjoy these pictures, and that you’ll feel free to share your own Halloween pet photos with us on our Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck’s Facebook Page.

Brenna's Halloween Costume Torture 2013 & Halloween Pet Safety Tips | Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice


  1. Keep candy away from pets, especially chocolate.
  2. Don’t leave pets outside on Halloween night.
  3. Keep pets confined and away from doors and windows.
  4. Keep outdoor cats inside several days before and after Halloween.
  5. Keep Halloween plants out of reach, specifically pumpkins and corn.
  6. Keep pets away from lit pumpkins.
  7. Make sure all wires, electric lights, and extension cords are kept out of reach.
  8. Don’t dress your pet in a costume unless they allow it. (Obviously I’m a bad Mommy, but I would never put Brenna in a costume that hurt her!)
  9. Try on pet costumes before Halloween to make sure they fit safely.
  10. Make sure your pets are wearing up-to-date ID tags.


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