Brenna, Mr. Gray, and Eek! The Cat


Eek! The Cat

Eek! The Cat

It’s Saturday morning. Remember how wonderful Saturday mornings were when you were little, and you could waste away the morning watching cartoons? What were your favorites? My cartoon of choice was always Scooby-Doo, but I also would never give up the opportunity to watch The Smurfs, Jem, He-Man, The Littles, and later on in life Eek! The Cat.

Poor Brenna has spent the last week searching for her dearest love, which reminded me of the Eek! The Cat episode where Eek meets Annabelle for the first time. Usually Brenna’s “boyfriend” Mr. Gray starts showing up outside around this time of year, but so far he’s nowhere to be found. Thus B.O.B. Bob and I are left alone to feel the wrath of her disappointment. Mr. Gray, if you’re out there, you can read, and you just happen to follow Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck, please come save me from her incessant moodiness!

“Roses are red,

violets are blue,

I’m the cat next door,

and I love you.”

-Eek! The Cat 

Mr. Gray may have not made an appearance yet this spring, but that didn’t stop this visitor from stopping by our backyard yesterday. She wasn’t scared of me in the least, and let me get right up next to her to take her picture.

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