A “Win”ter Summer Featured Recipe

It’s hard to believe I whipped up this crockpot breakfast/dessert recipe last summer for my housemates while relaxing at a kick-ass beach house, especially upon hearing the news that we will be on snow alert for this evening and tomorrow morning. It seems like the years just keep zipping right on by, summer turning into winter, winter turning into summer; no slowing down. Well, there’s something to look forward to this summer besides yet another beach trip. During June/July 2017, this recipe for Malibu Crockpot Peach Beach Crisp will be featured in Simple & Delicious magazine. So to celebrate this weekend, why not switch out the fresh peaches in this recipe with apples, pears, or even frozen fruit to create a dreamy summer breakfast/dessert for you and your family to enjoy? A little hint; ice cream makes this dish even better. It’s like the snow on top. Summer and winter combined; not too shabby.

Click HERE for the Malibu Crockpot Peach Beach Crisp recipe, HERE for a delicious ice cream recipe to accompany it, and HERE to subscribe to Simple & Delicious.

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  • That’s what I call comfort food. Looks so yummy!
    I think name is a kind of script for the way people act. It reflects their personality, and pets are no different. Loving “Lady Brenna of Fairfax”, it fits her perfectly 😀

    • Colleen Delawder

      Yes it does…she’s quite the little “Lady” of the house…we are but the peasants necessary to fill her food bowl and clean her litter box!