A Summer Fall Day

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It may look like summer outside, but inside my house it’s looking more like fall. I spent the morning baking an insane amount of Oktoberfest Pumpkin Bread Cookies for a large Oktoberfest that B.O.B. Bob and I are attending this evening. These cookies are stupid good! B.O.B. Bob even helped me make them. Yes, pigs were indeed flying this morning. Seriously though, he was a great help, until he got Brenna all riled up and angry. She’s bad enough on her own, and really should not be provoked into temper tantrums by her daddy.

Many pumpkin recipes are coming up in the near future, because I’m just so excited to move on to something else besides tomatoes. Delawder Matthews Halloween House decorating has also begun in full force around here, and I’m falling in absolute love with all of the merchandise out there this season. These large and small cauldron bowls are a must; I may just order them as soon as I finish typing this. I also think these tombstone slate cheese boards will look lovely scattered throughout my flowerbeds. This ghost cookie cutter with eye cutouts in also so stinkin’ cute, I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist purchasing it as well.

Tomorrow may just be the day that I crawl up into the attic and begin to conquer inside Halloween decorating. I’ve been contemplating taking a day or two off of work to get it knocked out, but I think I’ll see just how far I can get without taking time off. Even though the Halloween tree is a manageable size, it still takes a long time to gussy up. I’m usually worn out after “holidayfying,” because all of the boxes in the attic weigh a ton, and I’m often left manhandling them on my own, while simultaneously trying not to fall down the stairs and kill myself. I have a crazy amount of pottery and decorations, and I seem to add more and more to the collection each year. Next week I look forward to my Rich Connolly chalkware arriving. I spoke with Rich on the phone this morning, and he was the nicest gentleman. He gave me a discount for ordering two pieces of chalkware, and even waived the shipping and handling fees because I am a returning client. I’ve been collecting his pieces for years, and just recently purchased this nativity set on a trip to Bethlehem, PA. This bunny riding a chicken and this bunny smoking a pipe are the two pieces that I just ordered. If you have any interest in Rich’s Folk Art, check out his website or Facebook page.

The picture above is from the Green Gables House in Prince Edward Island. I feel blessed to have ended my summer walking through such a beautiful place. I hope all of you are having a great ending to your summer as well, and if not, get out there and at least try to enjoy it while it lasts. Fall will truly be here before you know it.

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