25 Days of Christmas Gifts

Unique holiday gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list, especially those who love to cook, bake, or are extremely fond of cats.

I’m sure that many of ya’ll found yourself doing a little bit of Christmas shopping over the weekend. Not me. Over the years, I’ve decided that running around town trying to get the best deal on the latest gadgets and simultaneously trying not to kill or maim someone in the process, is just not my thing. I’d much rather sit at home watching Hallmark Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate, and listening to Brenna howl her little head off while watching squirrels in the backyard. I’d also much rather shop online. Thanks to Amazon, as well as many other online retailers, I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my warm cozy bed. If I can get an item shipped for free, you better believe that means that there is no way in hell that I am going to venture out into the cold and brave the crowds to get the same item. Nope. There’s just no need for that craziness. Pictured below are several of the items I think any home cook, baker, or cat lover would love. Some of them are products that I use every day, some are ones that are on my actual wish list, and some are just things I find to be pretty gosh darn cool. Make sure to check them all out. Hopefully, there’s at least one thing that will catch your eye, whether it be to put on your list or someone else’s.

Unique holiday gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list, especially those who love to cook, bake, or are extremely fond of cats.

Custom Pet Portrait from Old World Pet Portraits on Etsy: If I were to be totally honest about what I want the most for Christmas this year besides world peace, a fluffy new kitten, or a bathroom that if finely not under construction, I would have to say that what I want the most is a custom pet portrait of Brenna. I already know exactly how I want her to be painted and let’s just say that it would be seriously EPIC.

KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender from Amazon: Yes folks, there is one kitchen gadget out there that I don’t own. This had been something I have been thinking about for quite some time now, and after one too many blender explosions, I think it’s about time I caved into its necessity.

Old World Christmas Bacon Strips Glass Blown Ornament from Amazon: So, over the holiday weekend, I decided that it’s about time that I created a Bacon & Pig Christmas Tree. This ornament would definitely get me started on that collection.

Christmas Mice Baseboard Decal from Smock Ballpoint on Etsy: This is just one of those items that captured my heart at first sight. How adorable would this decal be displayed on your home’s baseboard?

Simple & Delicious from Amazon: This is a great little magazine subscription filled with lots of simple and delicious recipes perfect for every occasion.

Vintage Style Kitchen Timer from The Pioneer Woman Mercantile: I myself own this kitchen timer and have found it to be not only extremely reliable but also very stylish.

Pepper from Penzeys: In most cases, I would tell you that freshly ground pepper is always the best, however, when it comes to this ground pepper from Penzeys, I’ll admit that it’s a complete game changer.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Williams Sonoma: Y’all, this one is on my list every single year. This is probably my most favorite hot chocolate ever and winter would not be the same without it.

Super Soft Luxurious Sherpa Throw Blanket from Amazon.com: I freeze my butt off in my office every single day, whether it’s winter or summer. Without a throw blanket like this one, I would never survive.

Nashville Eats Cookbook from Amazon: Recently, while visiting Nashville, I had the pleasure of taking a Walk Eat Nashville tour with Jennifer Justus, the author of Nashville Eats. This is a great regional cookbook y’all; one definitely worth making some room on your cookbook shelf for.

Beer Savers Silicone Rubber Bottle Caps from Amazon: I find myself cooking early in the morning quite frequently and I often cook with beer. Oddly enough, I’m not always in the mood to drink beer at 6:00 in the morning, so having a few of these beer savers on hand would be quite handy.

Dog-a-Day Dessert Plates from Anthropologie: I have these in my cabinet right now and am surprised how often they are commented upon by guests. The added bonus is that they are extremely durable and never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Nordic Ware Cast-Aluminum Nonstick Tea-Cake and Candy Mold from Amazon: While I love traditional Bundt pans, this year I’m hoping to make a few versions of mini Bundts, so this cute little pan would seriously help out with that.

My Cat is Cool As F–k Socks from Amazon: Hey, it’s true. Brenna might be a little brat but she is pretty cool as f–k.

The Life & Songs of Kris Kristofferson from Amazon: I’m always looking for new music and this new cd compilation looks like a real winner.

Fish Eyes Cat Toss Pillow Cover from Amazon: This year, I purchased a throw pillow for our bed, which I could add a new toss pillow cover to each season because I was tired of storing a thousand pillows in my guest room closet. I think this one would be super cute for summer.

Cinnamon from Penzeys: Not all cinnamon is the same. Right now, this is my absolute fave. It’s a special blend of four different types of cinnamon and it’s absolutely delicious.

Year One by Nora Roberts from Amazon: There’s nothing quite like reading a good book on a cold winter’s day, especially when it’s a Nora Roberts’ book.

Island Vanilla Perfume from Pacifica: This company is one that I absolutely adore and I can’t get enough of their products. This perfume just happens to be one of my personal favorites.

Baker’s Twine from Amazon: As a baker and lover of all things wrapped in pretty packages, I find that you can never have enough baker’s twine on hand.

Mini Holiday Spatulas from Amazon: By now, you’ve heard me talk about how I can never have enough silicone spatulas in my kitchen. Well, I think I finally have enough y’all, although I really need to replace some of my mini ones that have had way too many close encounters with the blade of my food processor.

2017 Collectible Snowflake Ornament from Crosby & Taylor: This company is a hand-crafted in the USA company, which makes unique pewter gifts. Each year, they come out with a new pewter snowflake ornament and this year’s ornament is absolutely stunning. Buy one for yourself and a few to give as gifts.

Christmas Cat Collar from Made by Cleo on Etsy: Every kitty needs a new collar to dress up in for the holidays and I think this Woodberry Red Bow Tie Cat Collar Set would be perfect for Miss Brenna this season. Remember to use the code BRENNA15 when checking out to receive a 15% discount.

Blue Cattle Truck Mexican Vanilla from Amazon: I can’t say it enough. This vanilla is my baking secret. It makes everything taste better.

Taste of Home from Amazon: You constantly hear me talking about Taste of Home magazine and the reason why is that it is a magazine for the everyday cook. It doesn’t always take fancy ingredients and five million steps to make something taste great. Order a copy for yourself and one for a friend who loves to spend time in the kitchen.

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  • Amy (Savory Moments)

    These are terrific gift ideas. Most of the time lately I find myself preferring the online shopping route as well. I need to go check out this cinnamon because I didn’t even know there were four types of cinnamon!! I thought there were only two!

    • It’s AMAZING! I use it in almost everything! Such a lovely blend! So far, I’ve never had a problem with any of their spices or blends!

  • Debbie Spivey

    Great ideas!

    • Thanks…the portrait of Brenna is what I want the most! It would cause much happiness and glee!!!

  • I want all these! Such cute ideas!

    • Thanks Kelly Lynn…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a few of them show up under my tree!